It’s 2:39am… I’m tired


It’s the very first blog of my “Me Against Me” experiment. I’m going to use WordPress, Youtube, and Vine to show the world one guy’s attempt to overcome an overwhelmingly strong food addiction, deep depression, and terrible panic disorder. I will be utilizing the things I’ve learned so far to begin to get myself healthy, and I’ll be continually studying new and better ways to accomplish my goals.

I will be sharing all of my discoveries, hardships, failures, and most importantly – my success’s. I’m super sleepy right now, but I wanted to introduce myself and state my purpose here.

Hi. My name is Jay. Feel free to follow me, leave me a comment, or share my blogs/video’s with anyone you think would benefit by seeing them. I’ll share with everyone the books that I’m reading, the podcast’s I listen to, and the movies/video’s I watch to learn more about overcoming my issue’s.

Food addiction is very real. And it’s very dangerous.

I am hopeful that I will overcome this.


Thank you for stopping by,

Jay Bee




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